Raw Materials used to Manufacture Paving


Environmental concerns and cost are key elements in the construction industry. It is for this reason that builders are making effort to find ways of making construction materials like paving with natural minerals.   Probrick is one of the Paving Manufacturers Cape Town which has building and paving products using natural minerals. Probrick makes bricks, blocks, pavers and maxis.


Asphalt is one of   the popular paving materials that can be used with natural minerals.  Asphalt is preferred because of sustainability. It is reusable than other materials. In addition, asphalt pavements have ability to use waste and other industrial byproducts thus it reduces environmental impacts. Asphalt pavements need less energy for production than other materials used for paving hence there are fewer greenhouse gases during production compared to concrete pavements. Asphalt is also easier to rehabilitate because it is recyclable.


RAP (Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement) is of higher quality when recycled into pavement than pavements made using virgin artificial mineral materials. The material can be recycled more than once. Asphalt cement that holds it together retains ability even when it is reused time and again.

Ashphalt Paving

Asphalt is a superior material for any Paving Manufacturer who intends to control storm water. Asphalt paving reduces runoff, promotes infiltration and cleans storm water. Porous asphalt is powerful in storm water management. Contaminants are usually washed directly from surfaces into waterways without filtration. Asphalt   filtrate storm water thus protecting streams.


Sandstone is a great natural construction and paving material for domestic structures and house wares. It has been a popular material since ancient times because it is fairly soft thus easy to work with or carve. It has been used widely around the world to construct homes, temples and other public buildings. It is also used by artists when creating statues and fountains.

Paving Manufaturering

Some sandstone is weathering resistant but still easy to work with. This is why it is popular paving and building material including for asphalt concrete.

Some sandstone types are excellent for making grindstones because of uniform grain size, hard individual grains and friable structure therefore it is hard enough for any building work or Paving Cape Town materials like those made by Probrick.


Lime is another natural building product with various uses. It is used for lime plaster, mortar, ash floor and render. It is also used in tabby concrete, silicate mineral paint, whitewash and different types of limestone. Lime that is used for building products is classified as hydraulic, pure and poor lime. Lime can be artificial or natural. It is further identified by magnesium content like magnesium lime or dolotimic.

Qualities that make lime a superb building product are easy workability, adhesion, cohesion, bond strength and sand carrying capacity. It is also has good air content, water content, easy to spread and flows easily.  Lime has comprehensive strength, resistant to sulfates yet has good flexibility and vapor permeability.

Lime qualities are affected by numerous factors during the manufacturing steps and installation. It is also affected by natural ingredients at the original source, added ingredients just before and during firing including the inclusion of compounds from fuel exhaust. Other factors that affect quality of lime are:

  • Firing temperature
  • Duration of firing
  • Method of slaking which includes hot mix (quicklime that is added to water and sand to create mortar).
  • Dry slaking and wet slaking
  • Ration of mixture with water and aggregates
  • Contaminants in mixing water
  • Workmanship
  • Rate of drying at the time of curing

Lime turns to many types after processing. The qualities of different types of lime after processing determine the way they are used.

Lime has been used since ancient times to make Roman concrete that enabled them to revolutionize architecture hence it reliable as reliable as a natural or processes product.